PRICES 30 minutes £20    45 minutes £25     60 minutess £30      75 minutes £35      90 minutes £40

Swedish Massage - Uses a variety of techniques specifically designed to increase the oxygen flow in the blood , release toxins from the muscles and ease tension. Deep Tissue/TriggerPoints - compression of tiny knots that develop in the muscles to ease pain or referred pain in the body.

Aromatherapy -Combines the use of essential oils and therapeutic massage to accomplish an overall sense of wellbeing. Each essential oil has its own specific health benefit. 

Lastone Therapy - Using heated basalt stones to relax the muscles, your body eases into a blissful state of relaxation. This therapy can improve circulation, calm the nervous system and reduce tension. Cold stones can also be used for inflammation.  Lying on a spinal layout of hot stones, placement stones are arranged and body is massaged with warm essential oils and stones.  

 90 minutes Lastone Therapy £45

Reflexology - Based on the principle that reflex points on the feet correspond to areas of the body, work on the reflex points help correct imbalances throughout the body.

Thai foot massage - foot soak followed by lower leg and foot massage using stretching, compression and a traditional stick for pressure points.

Indian Head Massage - The aim is to release the stress that accumulates in tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders, increasing flexibility and improving circulation. Can be given over clothes if preferred.

CleansingFacial - Tropic -after skin analysis, cleanse, tone and exfoliation and hot towels,a relaxing massage is given to reduce tension and rejuvenate and hydrate the skin. This is followed by mask, including arm and hand/foot massage, and then the face is moisturised and an eye cream applied 75 minutes.  Deluxe Facial (includes collagen face mask to improve elasticity of the skin)

Holistic facial with hot stones

Express facial

Warm bamboo - Uses a variety of pieces of bamboo to apply deep and longer movements. Incorporates some stretching.

Ear Candling - an ear candle is gently placed in ear.  When lit they work by vaporising their ingredients and creating air flow towards the ear. A relaxing treatment which can aid a variety of conditions, followed by a facial massage.

Cellulite Massage - helps to reduce the volume of fat tissues and the appearance of dimpling usually found on thighs and buttocks.  A course is recommended.

Deluxe Foot Therapy - foot soak, exfoliate, nail and cuticlecream, massage, hot stones and towels, mask and moisturising cream to finish

Crystal Tranquillity - facial massage using rose quartz crystals and hand and arm massage

Pregnancy Massage

Colon Massage - massage to help IBS and sluggish digestive systems (including detoxifying mud mask)